1Shot - Color Swatches for Adobe Photoshop and Manga Studio

Maroon, Tan and Sublime Green on black Sportster (Quick Photoshop sketch)
A while ago I created 1Shot Color Swatches for Photoshop with the intention to it with the community and facilitate digital pinstriping/sketching on the computer....well as always, things take a little longer with Michael. I also learned that there is already a collection of Color swatches which is using more 'streamlined' CMYK values. Mine look great on screen, and this is what I care about.
For my japanese friends, I also converted & tested the swatches in Manga Studio/Clip Studio/Studio SAI. btw, this is the better program to create digital pinstripes, due to the adjustable lag for your brushes...maximum control.

Drop me an email if you find it useful or need some adjustments.

1Shot - Manga Studio/Clip Paint Color Swatches