Kustom Kulture Show 2016 Helsinki - It's a wrap Part 1

Kustom Kulture Helsinki is a wrap.
It was a high speed, nitro fuelled introduction to the finnish Kustom Kulture – a term which covers a wide range of handcrafted goods. For me and my wingmen Udo & Jens, it was an experience in Finnish culture, drinking habits and expensive food.
Our arrival was already an adventure. We were picked up by our driver Jussi, with the club ‘drinking car’. Together with Carsten Estermann and his buddy Oliver, we were taken on a sightseeing tour through Helsinki on the way to the show. The welcome was warm and my table was in a great location, right next to the big names of the show and some cool Finnish pinstripers.
Talking about the pinstripers and the community they have there, I have to admit, that I envy them. Their mastermind Pekka is sharing all the info to nurture the scene, create needs and wants from possible customers, which then creates more work for everyone. Very much contrary to Germany, where everyone seems to be busy and has little time and interest to share....could be a goal to change this over time in my country.
The first day closed with a long walk to the pre-party at ‘Bar Loose’ and then an even longer walk home.
The street leading up to the bar featured about a dozen of hairdresser saloons (4 of which were barber shops. I wonder how many beards are shaved there throughout a regular day in Helsinki....).
The first bunch of guys I met at the show were Eero, Risto, Timo, Lauri, Pasi, Thomas and Marko.
Let’s not forget Satu and her friend (sorry, do not remember your name.). They were around when we set up the table.
Unfortunately, I did not have the time to talk and meet with more artists, except Painter Jude, who came by to talk art business
J Great chat and great work he is producing.  Skewed 70’s motorcycle paintings.  Everyone was super friendly, helpful, and shared info.

Pictures copyright by Niklas Stenius. Used with permission.