Erlebnis Motorrad 2014 - First Impression

I did it again.
Like last year, I was booked to paint a beautiful lady on stage.
This time around Jolina Marijan posed as my model. Who proved to be an extremely beautiful canvas....everything at the right place and the right do a proper bodypainting job.

The fair/show was smaller due the early date, however, it was pretty packed with visitors.
Unfortunately, the locals seemed to have spent all their money (reduced price due to reduced size of the venue, however) and the entrance fee and a 'Curry Wurst' and did not have the spare to support their local artists. Nobody dared to buy some hand crafted 'Easter - Eggs' - Christmas Tree Balls painted with morbid Easter Bunny motifs....
Well, perhaps my humor is hard to sell to people from Mannheim....
More to come soon.

Drop me an email if you like my work, but do not write me to get her phone number. ;)
check her sedcard at funtastixx.