Erlebnis Motorrad 2014 - part 2

Looking at the picture, I wonder for how long I can do this 'job' considering the sometimes very awkward positions I need to get in to paint the model. Overall the designs turned out great and people were happy with the results. Given the fact that I ONLY paint people at this particular show (plus one gig at the Intl. Tattoo Convention in Frankfurt 2013), I need to  figure out a lot during the gigs themselves. Questions like 'how big do I need to paint something', 'how much contrast do it need?', 'How does the paint hold up over the course of the whole day?', 'how fast can I go without sacrificing details/ how much detail is needed?' all need to be answered and the work adjusted on the fly.
Bodypainting on stage is pretty intense work (at least for me) as 15 minutes can be quite long or just not enough to get the design finished to a 'good degree'.