Choppawood 2013: Party Invitation Illustration done with Manga Studio 5

My friends from Custom Cycle Crew 'invited' me to their annual party in September. The entrance fee was a flyer design they could use to invite their 'real guests'. ;)
I used the chance to learn how to produce work in Manga Studio 5 (MS5), a software package I bought shortly before. Despite the 'cheesy' name, this piece of soft is THE SHIT.
Coming from Photoshop, it is very simple to pick up - I have more problems going back to PS now because the shortcuts are just more intuitive for me in MS5.
The whole thing was sketched out before with pencil & paper,signed off and then illustrated in MS5.
The brush engine, the way the pressure sensitive WACOM pen behaves, is so much better than in PS.
It really feels natural. The path drawing abilities and raster layers are so simple to use and open so many possibilities.... The font was a bit of a pain to do in MS5, but there needs to be a challenge...
Since then I upgraded MS5 with brushes from - which makes it the perfect digital tool for inking projects. Those brushes were used on the Shirt Design for Udo.
The best is the price of Manga Studio: they want to push the new version into everbody's face, so they sell it for around $50. Plus S&H &taxes it will be around 70 Euros - but it is a steal if you are into this kind of 'art'.
I can seriously recommend it if you own a WACOM board or something alike.

Expect more good things to come soon.
I plan to punch out a few bikes in the ink style I explored with Udo's old Panhead. This time in digital.

Stay tuned.