Almost 10 months no news on my blog. Shame on me.

In the meanwhile I flirted with the evil powers of Facebook...well it is good and works well if you have too much time in your hand, really live the digital village by keeping contact with people all over the world, or have a business. For which I think Facebook is the perfect platform to promote you these days. I have a “business” as well, yet I am inclined to not follow the Facebook path.
Well first off, information and pictures I upload are finally owned by FB and the CIA/FBI/NSA.... I can still control what I upload, but it is easy to create a profile about a single person in no time. This is somehow scary.
Second by following friends and their useless posts about fail compilations, food they had and other trivia, I lost invaluable time.
Third this horrible habit to post one liners about one’s mood and hoping for a reaction did not really work for me. 80% of my posts turned out to be SPAM of such kind.
FB feels like a possible TV replacement for my and the following generation. Simple to digest messages and tailored to my interest. Just stay in the comfort zone.
In the last weeks I monitored my FB behaviour and major interests, which turned out to be the subscription to some of the finest collections of pictures of hot rods, tattoos and other interesting things. Actually, information I could get outside FB as well. Perhaps with these frequent updates, but one has to digest the stuff properly anyway.
The disadvantages simple outweigh the advantages – I reduced my use of Facebook and restrict it to the use of messages to those people who hate emails....
Back to blogging again.
One might ask why I blog at all with the main audience (not the market) being in the US and with 6 followers in total...and the fact that I spend most of my time sitting in front of a monitor anyways.
Well, the blog is journal to keep track of progress on my “art skills”.
I changed my artistic goals in becoming better in Illustration and (Japanese inspired) tattooing.
My blog will be the place to post my findings to spark the interest of people with similar interests.
Perhaps I can make a mark in the world and some people can learn from my ideas/works as I learned from the works of others.