Erlebnis Motorrad 2012

Painting Live on stage in Mannheim was an all time premiere for me.

I have had never done live painting on a person before and especially to try and test this stuff in front of audience was kind a scary. Nevertheless, it went smoothly and was as great an experience as the whole show was. Jenni, the model was good to work with and she loved my designs.

About the technique:
I used a brush pen with China Ink (Faber Castell) and put some (more or less) smooth fadings on top.
Probably I went too cheap by using a tried and trusted black ink from Schminke, which clogged my airbrush like crazy. And I understimated the darkness of the ink. Although I watered down the black ink already and the effect looked nice from up close, it seemed, judging by the pictures, that it was still too dark. A lot of the detailed pen work just became invisible.

The second day I had some requests to draw them something on their arm...
Daniel, the singer who played while I was performing. How could I have denied his request to fool his parents with a wannabe-sleeve. Kelly a super nice motorcycle builder from US, who wanted to try out having his arms tattooed with various motives.And a crazy chica, who fell in love with this kind of body dressing.

Finally, Andre, my trusted "prospect", provided me with some pics. More to come in the next days.