Stil longer hair.

My hairdresser convinced me to not go for the Gung-Ho approach and dismiss all pain, i went through while growing my scalp hair (the rest grows unseen and unnoticed until my wife complains) and keep an intermediate step. During the whole procedure i was very sceptical and gave her a hard look. Yet she was busting her ass off and did a lot of magic on me: using a proper razor blade to thin out the hair and gave her best to make me look slick.
It was not until close to the end of the session that I was convinced this was a hair-do I would like to get out of the chair with. In fact it looks closer to what i was originally looking for than the full scale mob I had on my head for the last few weeks. Still i have the high maintenance, but it looks slick and nice.
Will try to post some pictures soon - as well as some picture of some artwork.