Fink Different

Originally I was looking for a nice Ed Roth's Rat Fink graphic to decorate my studio.
Not only did I find the picture above, but also on the official website a picture with Ed himself and the text "fink different".
When Rat Fink was invented, 'fink' was the term for weirdos and people outside the cultural norm. Hot rodders, skaters, surfer boys, bikers....
Funny enough the quote 'think different' was used by Apple Computers together with pictures off extraordinary people (Hitchcock, Callas...) to get the attention of the typical Apple User: Bohemians, Artists, Intellectuals. Short for people who wanted to be different for a little bit of extra cash.
With the Apple IPhone, this edge was lost and almost everybody is using Apple products.
The extraordinary became the ordinary. Pop Culture will kill the is just a matter of time.

For me this particular spelling of the word think hits the nail on the head.
It is time for a change in being different. fink different.