Custombike 2011 Bad Salzuflen - it's done and over

The show this year was a real blast.
 I had 3 days of painted, fun, laughing, meeting people, talking, making fun with potential customers and bystanders....Overall I would call it a success with having met and exchanged news with Maze, Markus Pfeil, Oliver Paß, Ingo Kruse, Marcel Sinnwell, Udo Kohse and others.
Udo Sacher's booth was great and stood out from the typical business booths.We even had some nice  posing on our bikes for free :p.
I will upload a few pictures from the show over the next days and will definitely rework my webpage with new stuff and layout, especially the next weeks. The feedback during the exhibition was great and I feel, I need put more recent stuff on the page (I am so lazy, working with computers at home - I have that stuff at work all day). Take care.