Rock'n Roll Haircut must go

Almost one year ago, I decided to have my hair grow and take part in the 50's Rock'n Roll Hairstyle craze.
I grew my hair, which was not the hardest part, though. But my hairdresser has more of an understanding of rich Frankfurt Banker's Wanker hairstyle and no idea, what makes a fucking cool looking hair....Well it would be easy to blame it on the hairdresser, as the hairstyle itself has some great advantages. In the morning, you look like a gorilla, when you wake up, with all the hair sticking out from your head. You only need to wash them every second day, but after two days the fucking skin starts itching, so for how long do you keep yourself from the shower. Then it automatically pushes you into a new age Kiev I was estimated as a 'senior' which I counted as an insult. Even my wife told me I remind her of her grandfather (Yes, mission accomplished) - and to be true I was inspired by my grandfather who was kind a motorcycle fan in the 50's, doing trips throughout Germany with his NSU.
He was such a blue collar hardcore mechanic until the end of his days (repairing all kind of agricultural machines and swearing on his good old VW Beetle, always buying old models which enabled him to drive without safety belt) that I saw it as a tribute to him.
But by now I figured that this hairstyle really is for seniors. It does not work for me because of four major reasons: I have a rather dramatical egg shaped head, which combined with the amount of long hair almost pushed me in the Dan Akroyd's conehead category.
Second, I have too much hair...period. This shit grows like crazy and it grows in the wrong direction everywhere. It is not as easy as having the last remaing strands grow and trying to cover the bald back of the head.... 
Third, I have to put a massive amount of effort into redirecting the hair into the backwards direction. I am not driving a cabrio the whole day, which would ease this task a little. No, I need to spend serious amount of time and chemicals to glue this shit into the shape you see above...Because I have so much hair, I need to put even more effort into the task. (reason four was time and hiding in the last argument).

If the money would just flow into my bank account without the need to work for it and I had the spare time to take care of my hair, I would consider to keep this, but at the moment, I'd rather spend the time on more useful things which bring me closer to my goals. Perhaps even that would be wrong if one would like to have a style which is rooted in the blue collar part of the society.
 OK, the hair must go and the reasons in short: too much hair, too much effort, too much time, wrong head and wig shape.
All the reasons above made me decide to go back to the boring, average but slick and quick to achieve Joe Doe hairstyle, until the one day, when my hair is white and sparse and it will be easy to grease it back.
I think I do not need a certain hairstyle to enjoy my life in general and the motorcycle builder and painter scene in particular. How do they say on AFN: Rock'n Roll is just a state of mind.
If someone else thinks differently, I will give them a friendly 'Fuck you very much'.

P.S. looking at the pictures above, I figure that I really have to pay tribute to my age...Damn.
And this is the second random trivia post. But somehow I had to explain, perhaps also to myself, why I need to change..