Alphanamel Color Swatches for Adobe Photoshop

 I have not done any pinstripping lately. But I still follow a few Instagram Japanese and Finnish dudes will know. There is a active crew in Thailand as well. Mr. Pinman created a design in Photoshop and I pointed him to my Photoshop swatches I posted in 2016. 

Because times are changing and colors are too, I created color swatches for the Alphanamel Lettering Enamels. The colors are straight from the color chart provided on the internet. As the compression rate is too big, I used a pretty big sample size. I never used the paints myself...need to find some time to use up all the one shots I have lying around :)

Alphanamel Color Swatches for Photoshop

use them, abuse them. create some nice designs and share them online