My last Warface related trip to Crytek Kiev

I was pretty nervous about this trip, because it is supposed to be the last one directly related to Kiev’s project Warface. The last two years working on the game and with the team was incredible and not prone to politics as people focused on putting the project first and the ego last.
During the time I was able to work with fabulous colleagues and, though separated by about 1500 km and two very different cultural mindsets, more important real friends, who opened my eyes for the everyday life in the Ukraine and the problems the country faces.
I will miss them, as well as this complete different universe I was entering every 4 weeks.
I will miss the crazy taxi rides, the ridiculous bullying in the streets (the bigger, the more money, the more rights....) and the enormously bad streets - especially after this long winter.
I will miss this place, where personal wealth is shown in most tasteless ways. US you are only second place in this regard. Sorry to say.
I will miss the handshaking sessions in the morning, the meetings in the kitchen at 11 and 17 – with sometimes good, mostly average or cheap sweets/cookies.
I will miss the place where custom bike still means- a HOMEMADE custom built motorcycle with spare parts from somewhere – as long as the engine and brakes work, it is custom. Not just another high end pimped HD motorcycle. Extremely cool stuff actually.
I will miss this place, where I was welcomed as a friend and not as another dude who wants to jump on the 'Warface train'. Thanks ladies and gentlemen from Crytek Kiev.
waiting for checkin as always. I will not miss that.

complaining about holes on German roads....LOL - this is the city center of the capital of Ukraine.

The new meeting rooms at Crytek look like a Global illumination test render scene.
The English is as rough as the Russian/Ukrainian. But the message is spot on.

Well, this is the center of the center of Kiev...looks more like the moon surface than a  road....