Paintjob gone bad

The first time I did a candy paintjob on top of an awesome golden metallic base with perl glitter went massively bad.
I was so hyped up by the way the brandywine came out on the tank that i forgot that the customer was not into red and requested root beer instead...There was supposed to be a blue pinstriping line and a fancy black/white Logo added after a layer of clearcoat.
To make the long story short, the half finished paint job was covered in black in order to make it for the show in Bad Salzuflen.

All the swirls took a long time, as I only learned about the trick to do these much easier and quicker from Ingo Kruse during the show in Bad Salzuflen. Thanks Ingo!
I will certainly use the techniques I learned from this job in future work. What did I learn: Brandywine on top off golden metallic gives a crazy effect and is super flashy. Sometimes you loose sometimes you win. Nevermind.
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