2011 was a good year

2011 turned out to be a good year:
I started to pinstripe again, produced some good work, had success in my dayjob, met many inspiring people, some of whom I made friends with or hadn't seen for a long time.
I also tried to revive my blog and updated it more often than before.
Hopefully I can keep this up and get more information on my blog more frequently in 2012.
A funny sidenote:
Having watched closely the statistics for my blog, I figured it has about 10 to 15 views from the US checking out my flour sack animation - not my custom paint work, not the pinstriping or other stuff. just the old sketches about the floursack... The majority of visitors come from the US - seems like me blogging in English is steering my blog more towards the US folks rather than zee Germans.

I wish everybody out there a successful 2012  - may all your dreams come true.