Crazy driving in Kiev

I promise to take pictures of the traffic in Kiev's rush hour next time I am here.
According to a friend, the driving is human compared to China, but still, i think this is Wild West.
Motorcycles are for the brave, and I mean brave. Here it really makes sense to join a wild motorcycle gang in order to get your rights on the street. Car and especially taxi drivers give a fucking shit about others and push their cars in every available gap. Using the horn on pedestrians crossing the street at a zebra crossing is more than normal. Stopping if someone shows a sign of going to cross the street is not in their code of conduct.
This would be the perfect place for every German police man, who likes to pull out cars and puts out fines... crossing a red light got a fine increase from 1 Euro to 20 Euros lately.
Everybody thinks this is unfair and out of proportion. Crazy country. Still interesting to experience.