Skull drawings - I am second

I had this brilliant idea to create a set of 50 skulls as a design effort, or better as some training for visual development.
The goal was to create a huge number of different looking skulls, that i could eventually turn into illustrations to sell them in some way (Shirt prints, stock pictures...).
Well, i did the first 50 in a day - which was a great experience.
Btw, i did them in 2006 already - just figured that out when I scanned them in to display them here.

When i looked up the internet for reference pictures and a little more inspiration, i had to find out that some other person from the other side of this planet had a similar idea and pushed the envelope even further.
His point was to create 365 different skulls over the course of a year.
He succeeded and created a big buzz around the website with fans sending in their own creations or pictures from things they "skullified" with the help of his stencils.
Check his site for many inspirational skull pictures: A Skull A Day - Blog

My take on Skulls a year earlier: